Science podcasts

Short online radio shows, called podcasts, are proving more and more popular. By now, there are several science-related ones. The first one I stumbled across was the weekly

Nature podcast

but of course there is also a podcast by the competitor magazine, the

Science podcast

Or try a national-public-radio produced weekly podcast called

Science Friday

In addition, there are ‘independent’ podcasts on science topics. Check out

“This Week in Science”

A general directory of science-related podcasts can be found on

Podcasting News, Science Category

Tell me about any podcasts you might find particularly interesting, so I can highlight them here.

1 thought on “Science podcasts

  1. Hi Florian,

    a somewhat unusual science podcast is

    The Berkeley Groks Science show

    which is a spin-off from graduate student radio, sometimes slightly sophomoric which I think is actually charming but is probably not for everybody.

    More serious, and really great is

    Quirks and Quarks

    from CBC Radio 1. The host of that radio show, Bob MacDonald, is actually a celebrity in Canada – and it is easy to see why.


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